Supporting Children’s Development with the Parent Toolkit


The Parent Toolkit is a one-stop resource designed to help parents and caregivers navigate their child’s growth and development from Pre-K through 12th grade in the classroom and beyond. The free website and mobile app cover everything from academics to health and wellness, and even social and emotional development.

Benchmarks help parents track what children are learning in school, what health recommendations are at each age, and where their child is developing social skills as well as self-management. Tips on all topics help parents be positive partners in their child’s overall development. Original videos offer parents bite-sized advice to fit into their busy schedules.

The Parent Toolkit’s monthly #ToolkitTalk Twitter chats encourage parents to engage directly with experts and the parenting community to share tips on a variety of topics ranging from bullying to engaging families in schools.

The Parent Toolkit aims to empower parents to be active participants in their child’s overall development. The award winning resource is also available in Spanish.

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